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More and more bussinesses are beginnning to switch from printed publications to digital ones as a more effective marketing approach. Transitioning from a printed magazine to a digtial one has many distinct advantages for your bussiness. A digital magazine is more cost effective by reducing printing and distribution costs and speeding up the overall publication and distribution process. Revenue is lost when printing a surplus of magazines leaves unsold inventory, which a digital magazine would elimate. Adding digital publication also allows your bussiness to reach a global audience through its online presence. In addition, digital magazine software has the unique capability to allow businesses to measure their advertsing goals by tracking the number of readers that have opened the magazine. Another important advantage of adding a digital magazine to your bussiness marketing strategy is its interactive interface that allows readers to share content on social media, click on interactive links, watch uploaded videos on a page and more.

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At CrosslandMEDIA, we are contantly looking for new and innovative ways to help your business grow. That is why we specialize in digital magazine production. We are committed to providing your bussiness with the most effective, efficient and up-to-date tools to see your company reach new levels of growth and profit. Let us help you to add a digitial magazine to enhance your business’ marketing strategies and watch your company thrive!

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